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Bike Experience dans votre organisation !

12 January 2020

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[ Appel à candidatures ]

Vous souhaitez promouvoir le vélo au sein de votre organisation et aider vos employé.e.s à se rendre au boulot à vélo ?

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Bike Experience, a look back on 2019

16 December 2019

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We can safely say that this year’s Bike Experience was a success! More than 400 participants joined us to overcome their fear of traffic and learn how to safely ride a bike in the city. Following these meetings, around twenty participants paired up to brave the road with our Bike Experience coaches and increase their knowledge of Brussels’ urban traffic.

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Discover Bike Experience on social networks

19 November 2019

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From September to December 2019, our team joined up with a photographer to immortalise Bike Experience training courses. Following on from that, photos and videos have been posted regularly on our social networks in order to share the outcome of these cycling meet-ups with as many people as possible.

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Spotlight on the Electric Bicycle

29 October 2019

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On 28 September, Bike Experience organised a meeting about electric bicycles. Returning to an lively issue!

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The Afterwork Bike Experience in Images

11 September 2019

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The Afterwork Bike Experience on 4 September took place at Via Via Café. More than 45 participants joined us for theoretical and practical training and the evening ended over a glass of wine.

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