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Revisiting our meeting with MelowVelo - cycling blogger

20 February 2020

Always eager to discover new cycling personalities, we got in touch with MelowVelo - a Brussels-based blogger and cyclist. Following this first meeting, we suggested that she become a Bike Experience ambassador in 2019. From September to December, the cyclist accompanied us and promoted our events. We wanted to introduce her to you, through a video interview.

For those who don’t know her already, MelowVelo is a Brussels-based blogger and cyclist. Present on social media, she posts regularly on Instagram and YouTube, lots of images and videos of her cycling adventures. She was also invited to take part in the 100% about bikes radio show ‘Les socquettes en titanes’.

Now very active, it was actually very late that MelowVelo discovered cycling. She started this habit after she realised that she could gain a few precious minutes if she went about in this manner in Brussels.

Last summer, we got to know her and suggested that she become a Bike Experience ambassador. We met her for a second time to find out more about what brought her to get on her bike. We seized the chance to interview her to find out more about her daily life as a cyclist and her work as an influencer.

With a smile from ear to ear, she explained to us how she started out on a bike and the place that the two-wheeler has in her life now. A true philosopher, she imagines a cycling city in which different types of transport get along, cohabit and share the public space. Regularly encouraged by strangers during her cycle rides and when she cycles up the “mountains” in Brussels, she also wants to encourage new people to start cycling.

It’s this wonderful mix between discovering a new type of transport and positive experiences of cycling that makes her want to pass on a message to her community.

Find the video of this exchange and discover the message that MelowVelo wants to pass on.

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