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Getting on your bike, why would that be the best resolution to make in 2020?

20 January 2020

In January, the beginning of the year is the right time for new year resolutions. At least, it's what we're led to believe. On the agenda: losing weight, playing sports, taking time out for yourself, being more assertive, spending less time on social media, etc.

Granted, the list is a long one and it's unfortunately less common for people to work towards more ecological goals, such as, 'this year, I've decided to reduce my carbon footprint' or 'this year, no more plastic drinking straws'. And yet, it's today's hot topic!

There is one solution which allows us to combine usefulness and enjoyment, doing good (for yourself and your wallet) as well as the planet. Getting on your bike!

We find that at our events, changing your method of transport can be daunting. The action itself is attractive and relevant, but despite that, we've observed that plenty of you are still hesitant to make the leap! There are multiple obstacles: the weather in Belgium can be bad sometimes, having to travel as a family or with children, the many inclines in our capital, recurring bike thefts, etc.

Indeed, like any other method of transport, it has its advantages and inconveniences. And we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you why it's so good to travel by bike. So let us persuade you…

For example, did you know that according to a Swedish study, travelling by car is six times more expensive for society than travelling by bike? One surprising statistic is that an individual car costs over €5000 a year!

Did you also know that regular cycling constitutes a physical activity, and therefore has various positive effects on the cardiovascular system, limiting the risks of diabetes, and even on mental wellbeing?

Finally, did you know that travelling by bicycle reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the release of CO2?

In summary, by abandoning your car in favour of cycling, you'll save money, improve your health AND help to reduce pollution in your city. A real virtuous circle, since you'll be taking care of yourself and your environment as a result.

Ready to consider your means of transport? And to include it in your resolutions for 2020?

Well, for those who we've managed to convince, Bike Experience will be organising several afterwork dates. In addition to that, we'll offer you two specific topics about riding electric bikes AND cargo bikes for families. Newcomers, haven't you had the chance to hop on a bike yet? No problem, two special dates for newcomers will show you the basics of cycling.

No more excuses, lots of us will be waiting for you ;-)

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